On the Rocks: Coconut-Lime Mojito

March 08

Happy Friday SB Chic readers! The weekend could NOT have come sooner for me, and today we are mixing up one of my all-time-fav concoctions-a mojito! I LOVE coconut, but some of the coconut mojitos I’ve had frankly taste like sunscreen…but this recipe is fresh, light, and absolutely delightful!


1 1/2 shot clear rum

Tiny splash of simple syrup

Lime wedge

Fresh mint leaves

Splash of coconut milk

Lemon-lime soda (aka Sprite)


*Add lime wedge, 7-10 mint leaves, simple syrup, and coconut milk into a glass (note: you can find canned coconut MILK pretty much anywhere–which is different than coconut water). Muddle these ingredients and make sure to extract the oils from the lime rind, and try not to massacre the mint (muddle gently–the last thing you want is mint stuck in your teeth). Add ice, rum, fill with lemon-lime soda, and top with a splash of club soda. Give a good shake and serve on the rocks.

-XOXO Melissa

On the Rocks: Spiked Eggnog

December 21

In honor of the holidays, its time to break out the rum, grab some eggnog and make my go to holiday cocktail.

I use Captain Morgan for this cocktail (also know as “saluting the Captain” in my house).

Add some eggnog…

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On the Rocks: Cranberry Mojito

December 07

TGIF! The beau and I have been decking out our home with Christmas decor and it’s making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. To keep with the same theme, this cranberry mojito is not only beautiful…it is darn delicious and is sure to fill you with the holiday spirit. Enjoy!


- 1 1/2 shot of Bacardi Rum

- Pinch of raw sugar

- Lime wedge

- Spoonfull of boiled and strained fresh cranberries

- 7-10 fresh mint leaves

- Soda

- Splash of cranberry juice

- Splash of sprite

*Muddle mint, lime wedge (extract oils from rind), boiled cranberries, and sugar in a flat-surfaced glass. Add ice, rum, splashes of sprite and cranberry juice, and fill with soda. Shake well and serve on the rocks with a raw sugar rim.

-XOXO Melissa

And you can browse all the On the Rocks posts right here.

On the Rocks: Melon Mojito

June 22

It’s officially summer and you know what that means….MOJITOS! Mojitos are so delightfully refreshing and are always a crowd pleaser. Don’t like rum? Switch it up with some tequila or vodka instead! You simply can’t go wrong with these basic ingredients…

Add a small spoon-full of raw sugar into a flat-surfaced glass. Add 5-7 rinsed mint leaves and a lime wedge. Cut a melon into small cubes and add around 5 pieces—in this case, I used cantaloupe. Muddle together and make sure to extract oils from lime rind. Be sure not to over-muddle—just enough to get all of that tasty mint flavor and to slightly smash the melon cubes. Add 1 shot of clear rum, and ½ shot of coconut rum. Add ice and fill with club soda. Shake well and serve on the rocks.

Here’s the detailed recipe:

~1 ½ shot of clear rum

~1/2 shot of coconut rum

~Lime wedge

~Spoonful of raw sugar

~Fresh Mint

~Cubed cantaloupe

~Club soda


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On the Rocks: Kiwi Caipirinha

April 06

On The Rocks is back! I’m so excited to share with you this new batch of tasty adult treats that I have worked long and hard perfecting (tough job…I know). My primary goal for my weekly posts is to offer beautiful, easy, and absolutely delicious cocktail recipes that anyone can make. With this new batch of delightful libations, I’m going to walk you through the process of making each cocktail with a step-by-step photo tour. So sit back, relax, and get ready to make some of the best cocktails you’ve ever had!

Citrus is the key to this refreshing drink. Add 2 slices of lime, half of a kiwi that’s been cut into a cubes, and place in a pint glass.

 Add raw sugar to taste…

Muddle (the muddled kiwi should offer a lot of juice)…

Add one and half shots of rum (I use Bacardi Superior)…

Add ice and give a good shake…

Pour into a pretty glass and garnish with a slice of kiwi…



~1 1/2 shots of clear rum

~1 half kiwi peeled and cubed

~2 lime wedges

~Raw sugar (to taste)



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On the Rocks: Winter Mojito

March 02

Happy Friday everyone! It seems a bit silly to think that it’s winter with the beautiful weather we’ve been have…but it technically is. With that in mind, here is a modern spin on a classic favorite—the mojito. I always try to find new ways to reinvent such a delicious drink and this concoction is absolutely delightful. Cheers!


~1 shot of clear rum

~1/2 shot of brandy

~Heavy splash of apple cider

~Small pinch of cinnamon

~7-10 fresh mint leaves

~Lime wedge

~Brown sugar

*In a martini shaker, muddle lime wedge (extract oils from the rind), mint leaves, and a small pinch of brown sugar. Add ice, cinnamon, brandy, and apple cider. Shake well and serve on the rocks in a brown-sugar-rimmed glass and garnish with a cinnamon stick.


Note: I’ve been dreaming up a whole new slew of drink recipes and we will be fixing and mixing them this weekend with Kelly. I should be back in a few weeks with the newest batch of tasty treats…so get ready!

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On The Rocks: Raspberry Mojito

September 30

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost October and fall is here (maybe because our season-less Santa Barbara weather is still sunny and beautiful. My ”On The Rocks” column will be taking a brief hiatus as I am currently thinking up new fall-winter recipes to share with all of you (Being, ahem…professionals, Kelly and I first need to “test out” the products…wink wink). Today I thought it was fitting to share with you one of my favorite warm-weather cocktails….the raspberry mojito. Not only is it such a pretty drink, it is sooo delicious. Enjoy!


   ~3/4 shot of Bicardi Razz Rum

~3/4 shot of Bicardi Superior Rum

~Small splash of simple syrup

~Small handful of fresh raspberries

~Mint leaves

~Lime Wedge

~Splash of sprite


*In a tall collins glass, muddle mint, raspberries, lime wedge (extract oils from rind), and simple syrup. Add rum, fill with soda and a small splash of sprite. Shake and serve on the rocks.

Note: the secret to a great mojito is plenty of booze (obviously), not too much simple syrup, and tons of fresh lime juice

-XOXO Melissa

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