Inspiration Board: Flower Daydreams

October 24

Dreamy art direction + flowers, what could be better? Photos via my Pinterest.

Upper right photo: Photo: Parker Fitzgerald Styling: Amy Merrick 

Flower Chic: Make a Flower Necklace

September 25

A while back I showed you how to make daisies into earrings, a necklace, and sprinkled throughout your locks. Jess Wilcox and I shot this second look, with moody, fall, jewel toned flowers, and  a ruby red lip.

For the earrings I used a funny little flower called gomphrena (the name needs some work). And  for the ring, I found the most amazing purple passion vine flower. This flower looks like its from another planet, no? You can find the instructions for making the ring and earrings here.

This time round, I made a dramatic flower collar or necklace. I used pink and red ranunculus, blue muscari, lavender clematis,  and light pink gomphrena from Florabundance.

To make the necklace:

- Chicken wire (at your local hardware store)

- pliers or wire cutter 

- floral wire

- floral tape

- 1 yard of lace ribbon

Use the chicken wire as the base to hook your flowers into. I bunched 3 or 4 flowers together, and then wrapped the stems together with floral tape. I made several bunches like this and then I attached them to the chicken wire. Using floral wire, I attached the chicken wire to the lace ribbon. And tada! A flower necklace.

Photography + Hair & Makeup +Wardrobe: Jess Wilcox // Styling + Concept: Kelly Oshiro // Wholesale Flowers: Florabundance // Model: Alison of Sirena Models // Dress: Free People


Editorial: With Daisies in her Hair

July 29

I think daisies are super underrated. They’re cheap, they hold up really well, and they’re cute as a button. For this shoot with Jess Wilcox, I wanted to explore different ways to wear flowers. I had talked to Jess about pining daisies through out the models hair and Jess had the brilliant idea to use eyelash glue. We found the Duo eyelash glue from Sephora (available right here) worked best. To recreate the look:

-Remove daisies from their stems

-apply a bit of glue to the back of the daisy

-using alligator clips, place the daisy and clip into the hair, let set for a few minutes

-remove clip and ta da!

Aside from daisies in her hair, I also made petite daisy earrings. Using simple silver earring hook wires from Michaels (also available here on Amazon) I simply threaded some 20 gauge silver flower wire through the back of the daisy and then secured it to the earring hook using pliers.

You can also use daisies to make rings. I used green floral wire, threaded it through the back of the daisy, forming a loop. And bam, instant flower power jewelry.

Of course, what would a daisy story be without a daisy chain? I simply layered them one over the other and tied them together with fishline.

Special thanks to Jess for wrangling wardrobe (Free People, dress available here), the model and doing the awesome hair and makeup!


Photography/Hair&Makeup/Wardrobe: Jess Wilcox // Styling + Concept: Kelly Oshiro // Wholesale Flowers: Florabundance // Model: Alison of Sirena Models // Dress: Free People

Flower Chic: Making a Merry & Bright Floral Crown

December 19

I’m so excited to share this merry floral crown idea that is featured in the current issue of Flutter Magazine. You can check out the feature here and here’s how to re-create the look yourself.

First up, lets assemble the materials. You will need:

- straight wire

- floral wire

- pretty ribbon

- floral tape

- floral shears

- flowers, I’m using red dahlias, orange ranunuclus and dusty miller

Begin by making mini bunches of flowers and tie them together with floral tape.

Take the straight wire and cut to about 9″. Attach ribbon with a glue gun on either end so you can tie the floral headdress around your head.

Then, working in one direction, attach you flower bundles until you’ve completely covered the wire.

And ta da! You’re done, now you can sport flowers in your hair whenever you feel like. Enjoy! To purchase flowers go to Fabulous Florals.


Editorial: Soft Pink & Purple Garden Wedding

August 20

I’m loving today’s thoroughly feminine wedding editorial created by Toast Events and photographed by Elisa B Photography. The dip dyed silk ribbon of the bouquet paired with lavender and white garden roses is ever so romantic.

A floral headpiece, a seersucker bow tie, a field of flowers… perfection.

The tabletop design continues the soft garden look with a slightly French feel. Upholstered chairs, elegant etched glassware and a table set with delicate scalloped china from Anthropologie feels effortless and timeless. Thanks Elisa for sharing these lovely images!

Press: Mag Rouge + Harvest Wedding Ideas

June 06

I’m super excited to have my wheat headdress grace the cover of this month’s issue of Mag Rouge. Shot by the uber talented Elizabeth Messina, and produced by the Wedding Chicks, it was so much fun to create these beautiful images.

To make the head wreath I started with a circular base of wire (similar to the clematis headdress). Then using green floral wire, I created a little bundles of 5 stems of wheat each. Then I attached the bundles to the wire base, working around the circle. To hide the construction, I hot glued additional pieces of wheat to cover the wire and make the head wreath more full.

Also during this shoot, Jeni from Found brought one of her amazing vintage carts and I filled it with flowers for a slightly Anthropologie-vibe.

I also brought an amazing stephanotis vine as option for Elizabeth to shoot (I’m a big fan of options). Isn’t the vine insane?

And finally, the two bouquets I made as options for the model to hold (its all about options). The one of the left is made with cabbage roses, ranunuclus, sweat pea and dusty miller. The one on the right, had peach roses, hydranga, sweet pea, ranunuclus, and dried wheat (I took the extra long strans off of the wheat for this bouquet). And be sure to visit here and here for even more prettiness.

Flower Chic: A Clematis Headdress

May 01

I’m  so excited to introduce a new column, floral chic with photographer Nancy Neil. Today, I’m going to show you how to make a floral head wreath using gorgeous clematis. You will need: 6-7 stems of clematis, 20 gauge floral wire and pliers.

Start by measuring the circumfrence of your head and twist two pieces of the wire together to make a circle. Take your first piece of clematis and a small piece of wire (about 2″). Using your pliers, wrap the small piece of wire near the head of the flower to secure it to your circle. Since clematis is a vine, you can take the stem and wind it around the circle to cover your wire base. Secure with additional 2″ pieces of wire where you need to.

If you’re making this ahead of time, you can put the stems in floral water tubes to keep the flowers hydrated. Once you’re ready to wear, take the stems out the tubes and clip any extra stem length off. Next week, I’ll be making a coloful bouquet to match our headdress.