Flower Chic: Holiday Flower Ideas

December 16

I love an oversized centerpiece for a holiday buffet and this one features some my favorite flowers of the season including: holiday greens, flannel flower, hellebore, amaryllis, scabiosa, gold painted eucalyptus, and baby’s breath.

You can pick up the ingredients to make this arrangement at Fabulous Florals and you’ll need:

- 1 mixed bunch holiday greens

- 3 amaryllis

- 1 bunch hellebore

- 3 bunches flannel flower

- 1 bunch gold spray painted eucalyptus

- 1 bunch baby’s breath

-1 bunch scabiosa

I used an oversized wrought iron urn, you can find sometime similar at your local garden store. Since this container was hollow on the bottom, I put wet floral foam in a mini bucket and overlaid it with chicken wire. For bigger arrangements like this, chicken wire helps to keep the flowers and the foam together. Begin by placing your big greenery pieces to create your shape. Layer in gold eucalyptus and baby’s breath. Place your amaryllis and then the smaller flowers, hellebore, flannel flower, and scabiosa. Happy arranging!

Photography: Bryce Covey

Flowers: Kelly Oshiro for SB Chic

Floral Supplier: Fabulous Florals

Container, Table, Tin Tiles: Vintage Vignettes

Flower Chic: Blooming Branches

March 27

Blooming branches are so amazing this time of year. They add life to any room and they last forever (these were shot 3 weeks after I bought them… and lasted 6 weeks total).

Common blooming branches this time of year are quine, cherry, apricot and plum (these are quince). To ensure a long life, use a hammer to smash the ends of the branches to allow for proper water uptake. Place in a tall vase with water and change the water weekly. For a wedding, blooming branches work well for tall ceremony arrangements, welcome table or seating card arrangements, and on a dinner table as they add great height to a tabletop design. In your home, any buffet or console table will make them look great. And there you go, a little piece of spring inside your home.

Flower Chic: Pink Peonies & Mercury Glass

August 29

Who doesn’t love peonies, and these beauties from Fabulous Florals are nothing short of amazing, especially since its almost September (peonies are generally not available after mid-July at the latest). To show off these blooms, I mixed in some delicate pink hydrangea and the always unique flower, blushing bride, for texture.

Such a lovely and delicate shade of pink in the peonies and blushing bride…

For this arrangement, I’m using this mercury container (6″ x 8.5″) from Jamali Gardens. All containers like this need a liner, here I used a glass cylinder filled with water and a mesh of chicken wire (this creates a frog to hold the flowers). For this arrangement you will need:

-2 bunch of peonies

-3 bunches of blushing bride

-1 bunch pink hydranga

-mercury glass container with liner

-chicken wire

- floral shears

A special thanks to Fabulous Florals for sponsoring and providing these blooms (and if you’re wholesale they do ship flowers to anywhere in the US.) And to see all Flower Chic posts click right here.

Flower Chic: Burgundy & Brass

July 25

I love brass (its way under-used in weddings in my opinion) so I thought it would be fun to do a collection of brass containers that I could see used on the seating card table or on a bar.

All the containers I sourced at various antique stores, the tall urn is actually from my sister’s wedding and I lugged it back to the states in my suitcase. The shorter taper candle holder is actually an old fire nozzel that I repurposed here. And the smaller urn shaped container is an old golf trophy, I love the shape of it!

To arrange taller centerpieces, I start with the tall filler foliage, mondara, to create a nice shape (asymetrical is always nice and dynamic). Since these containers are pretty tall, and after you place the taller foliage pieces, you end up making a natural frog for the flowers to go into. Place dahlias, scabiosa, cosmos, at different heights. Also, since this is meant to mostly be seen from the front and the sides, you don’t need to put flowers on the back side of the urn (aka, this is a 3-sided arrangement, front, left and right sides). For this arrangement you will need:

-A mix of containers in different heights

-2 bunches of red dahlias

-2 bunces of  brown cosmos

-2 bunches of  red scabiosa

-2 bunches of mondara

-Floral shearers, water, flower food

Happy arranging! And to see all Flower Chic posts click right here. Flowers can be purchased here.

Flower Chic: White Muscari

May 15

I love, love muscari, and this variety in white is so feminine and delicate. Here, I styled them in my old pointe shoes…

Of course, they also look pretty good in an old golf trophy I picked up an antique store. I like the idea of a table design of different trophies filled with simple blooms, what do you think? And to see all Flower Chic posts click right here.

Peony + Ranunculus, Pretty in Pink

December 08


I love that winter peonies are here and ranunculus are finally back too!


A hot pink ranunculus in an ink well from the 1870′s.


This arrangement is in a vintage aqua ball jar.


Happy Wednesday!

Photos & arrangements by me.

Red Ranunculus & Dahlias + Billy Balls + Pumpkin Branch

September 22


I bought some fall inspired flowers for my office this week. And I’m loving the red ranunculus & dahlias in my old bottles (this look is going to be used for an upcoming event!).


I also bought pumpkin branch, which I’ve never worked with before. It has some serious thorns, but the pumpkins are so cute!


I love billy balls for their fun and whimsical shape (plus they last forever). Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Photos by me.