Inspiration Board: Saturated Mustards & Reds

January 30

Hot colors + hot illustrations = hot. Loving the 70′s vibes of these hues…

Via, from upper left, clockwise: Faraday Bikes, Red Cheeks Factory, Julia Rothman, Designlovefest

Inspiration Board: Flower Daydreams

October 24

Dreamy art direction + flowers, what could be better? Photos via my Pinterest.

Upper right photo: Photo: Parker Fitzgerald Styling: Amy Merrick 

Inspiration Board: Vintage Fashion

October 17

Few things make me happier than vintage fashion photography and these pretty ladies are all seriously fabulous! Images via my Pinterest. (Top right photo is a current couture designer via here.)

Inspiration Board: Moody Forest Camping Party

October 09

I’m dreaming about escaping to the woods for a campfire, smores, and some quality nature time… Happy Wednesday!

Images via My Pinterest.

Fall Dinner Party Ideas

September 16

I love a good cozy dinner party, and with fall upon us ,I thought I’d share a few quick ideas for fall entertaining…

1. Gather mismatched taper candle holders (check out your local thrift store or try Etsy) and group them together for an easy centerpiece.

2. An herb centerpiece can be a quick and pretty solution. Either at a local garden center, or possibly your regular supermarket, pick up some potted herbs. You can re-pot them if you have time, like this in a herb window box centerpiece, here, or simply wrap around the plants brown craft paper, and tie up with twine or jute.

3. I like to use food as part a table’s centerpiece and a charcuterie plate is pretty and tasty. This cutting board right here is pretty perfect.

4. Champagne is a personal fav, I like to setup a champagne bar with garnishes and mixes. Some of my favorite champagne cocktails? This ginger sparkler.

Happy fall!

Images via my pinterest.

Pretty Little Bits: Blue & Green

September 11

I love photos of a collection of objects styled really, really, well and all of these photos fit the bill (in fact, I have a pinterest board dedicated to pretty bits, check it here). How pretty is the simple color combo of blue and green?

Images via: Top // Right // Left // Bottom

Pieces of Awesome

September 04

I’m feeling seriously inspired by these happy colors. How awesome is the LED pathway by artist Bill FitzGibbons? And all pairs of tights should be this fun particularly if you’re gonna go on the fun slide! Happy Wednesday, m’dears!

Photos: Top: Art by Bill FitzGibbons Middle: Yamame11 Botton Right: Via Left: Via