Santa Barbara Spa: Peaches Skincare

June 12

It’s been my goal for a while to highlight so many of the awesome independently owned small businesses in Santa Barbara, and first up is the sweetest location, Peaches Skincare. I’ve experienced the “Peaches” way and I’m never going back to my old beauty routine. The products are gentle and completely all natural. The owner Lisa, knows a thing or two about skincare and she was kind enough to answer a few questions for me. Take it away, Lisa:

What was the story behind starting Peaches?

We purchased peaches Skin Care in 2009. We had been in the skin care industry for over 20 plus years at that point. We loved the quaint salon (then on Mission street) and we felt it was something we could grow. We had previously had two skin care salons in Dana Point, CA named Lisa Marie Skin care. We chose to change the name and we are happy we did. Peaches has grown to be a standard in skin care. We are not a fluff facial we are a facial that changes lives and goes people back confidence and hope. I am so proud of what we have built and are building. My background started with working for cosmetic surgeons and dermatologist while giving personal skin care in women’s homes in the LA area.

What’s your philosophy in regards to skin care?

It’s really very simple, treat the skin naturally NOT invasively. I believe everyone has normal skin, it’s what each individual does to their skin that causes the problems. If your a women for example, foundation is the number one cause of acne and aging. Lasers, chemical peels actually harm the skin, causing it to thicken and become broken out and open the skin to different fungus and or disease. The skin is the largest organ of the body, the filtration system, it just needs to be cared for properly.  The correct skin care regime, facials and proper maintenance and just like your teeth, your hair or your body it can be flawless. I truly feel it’s never to early or to late to start!

What are some of your favorite simple beauty tips anyone could use? 

I love to teach men and women about products that are unique and industry secrets. I heard about Milk of Magnesia as a mask from a well known make up artist and David Bowie’s wife, Iman. Apparently she used it to get rid of wrinkles , and after many years using it as a facial mask IT WORKS. It’s also anti-inflammatory, prevents breakout and clogged pores and helps the skin stay clean and healthy. I also believe in changing your pillow case every couple of days, it can be the main reason people break out at night, perspiration, hair oils etc get on your pillow and thus on your face. I absolutely won’t let foundation or now even powder touch my face (blush and bronzer are fine)! Many cosmetics are made with ingredient that cause reactions and other serious conduits to the skin. Did you know only 1 out of 10 ingredients has to be Non COMEDIOGENIC to have the term placed on a products bottle, that means 9 others are balckhead forming. Just a few of the beauty tips we have.

You have a product line, how did you develop it and what sets it apart from other skin care products?

We have used the same manufacturer for over 25 years. We make our product in the USA and we base it on a Harvard University study that showed that only pure antioxidants penetrate the skin, everything else just sits on top and causes damge. We are very proud of our products and they work miracles. When purchased from Peaches Skin Care. Beware of posers.

Each product does a very specific job and we don’t just mask problems we get rid of them. Acne, scar tissue, wrinkles, sun spots , loss of collagen and so much more. Most over the counter beauty products are many lines under one company. Example: Estée Lauder owns MAC, Bobby Brown, Clinique and Origins to name a few. Many of their product are considered polluted products by skin care professionals, meaning they are watered down, fragrances, and color added. We don’t water them down and we sell in smaller batches so purity can be kept at a high standard. It really DOES Matter what you put on your face. Clinique toner has acetone (takes off nail polish) Estee Lauder puts tons of fragrance so it smells good, Lancôme is Loreal, and they love to make everything COLORFUL and pretty with dye be aware!!  Also just because it says natural the ingredients may have NO value to your skin. They must be PURE antioxidants and done in specific order. Facials as well. We do ONE Facial not a menu. I have never believed in that. The skin needs a specific cleaning done in a specific order in a CLEAN enviroment. When choosing to take care of your skin be wise and be choosey!!!

What are some of your other favorite spots in Santa Barbara and/or favorite things to do in town?

My husband and I love Petros Greek restaurant on State we try to eat there whenever we are in town, wonderful food and wonderful service. We also love The Palace Grill for New Orleans cuisine and Los Arroyos for Mexican. One of my favorite stores to shop in while I’m in SB is Coastal Treasures!!

*services given au gratis

Launching: Kelly Oshiro Yoga

May 27

I’m super excited to be launching my yoga website today! I’m focusing on teaching wedding day yoga where I teach a soothing, restorative practice to the bride on her wedding day one-on-one in a serene setting. My goal is create grounded, peaceful brides who are fully present on their special day.

I am also offering private lessons and publicly, I’m teaching at Alchemy Arts every Saturday at 9:15am which is a combo of slow flow vinyasa, restorative, and yin.

You can check out my site right here and, of course, there will be a blog launching to go with the new site, so stay tuned for that. A big thank you to the amazing Kim Wiseley for the logo and website and the insane photos by Kirsten Ellis of Beaux Arts Photographie. Its been an amazing journey so far and I can’t wait to see how this chapter unfolds.

Custom Jewelry by Joseph Jewelry*

May 19

I love a company who caters to their clients’ unique design needs, and Joseph Jewelry does just that. They specialize in custom jewelry that is made on site at their own shop. You can upload your own design sketches and from there, they’ll make a 3D rendering and then a wax prototype of your ring, so you get exactly what you had in mind. You can go here to check out their custom jewelry process right here. Happy jewelry designing!

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Entertaining: Nordic Inspired Brunch

April 02

I love me a good brunch situation and when Kim, the editor of Flutter Magazine, asked me to style a modern, Nordic, take on brunch I was wayyy on board. The amazing Ayda Robana made the most incredible spread with quick pickles (obsessed), buckwheat pancakes, frisee salad with poached eggs and pork belly (hello, yum) all paired with amazing artisanal hot chocolate by Jessica Foster Confections. Nancy Neil captured all the action perfectly and also hosted our little soiree at her amazing cabin. We shot this on my birthday and it was certainly the best way to spend it! To see more of the spread, pick up a PRINT copy of the magazine here or visit the Flutter blog here.

Photography: Nancy Neil // Food: Om Sweet Mama // Styling: Kelly Oshiro for Flutter Magazine // Hot chocolate: Jessica Foster Confections // Tabletop: Huset Shop, A + R, Upstairs at Pierre Lafond // Rentals: Yeah! Rentals // Menus: Lazaro Press // Champagne Bar: Corks n’ Crowns // Flowers: Fabulous Florals


Press: Flutter Magazine Winter 2014

February 24

Hey guys, the newest Flutter Magazine is out and is supppperrrrrr pretty. Nancy Neil, Om Sweet Mama, Jessica Foster, and I cooked up some seriously tasty ideas for our Nordic inspired brunch. You can grab yourself a copy by ordering online or at these stockists.

Cover photo: Elizabeth Messina

Inspiration Board: Saturated Mustards & Reds

January 30

Hot colors + hot illustrations = hot. Loving the 70′s vibes of these hues…

Via, from upper left, clockwise: Faraday Bikes, Red Cheeks Factory, Julia Rothman, Designlovefest

Flutter Workshop: The Art of Arrangements

January 27

I was super honored to teach Flutter magazine’s first ever workshop, The Art of Arrangements with some of the most stunning seasonal fall flowers from Fabulous Florals (which PS sells to everyday floral enthusiasts not just florists). Joel Serrato came out and shot the fun on FILM and, of course, a little champs was involved. Le Petite Chef made a spread of bite-sized lady like treats including pumpkin whoopie pies (yum). I demostrated a basic taping technique, explained how to use foliage to create the initial shape of an arrangement, how to build and place flowers for maximum effect.  Then everyone got to work playing with flowers. I pulled a variety of china, flatware and glassware from Town & Country Event Rentals and then each student got to design their own little tabletop setup. For my setup, I went with a more modern vibe and used velvet midori ribbon as an accent. It was so much fun to meet so many awesome ladies and play with flowers! And stay tuned, I’ll be teaching another intimate workshop soon…

Photography: Joel Serrato

Flowers: Kelly Oshiro

Food: Le Petite Chef

Flowers provided by: Fabulous Florals

Rentals: Town & Country Event Rentals

Prop Rental: Vintage Vignettes

Ribbon: Midori