Let’s Shop: Geometric Black, White & Gold

February 07

To me there’s nothing as classic as black and white, add in a hint of gold with geometric details (hello Rachel Zoe cuff I think I love you) and you’ve got one seriously sophisticated look.

Shop the look:


February 05

How stunning and unique are these peacock blue shoes with purple suede accent? These were a part of the limited edition Jimmy Choo “Icon” collection, and I can see why.

More blue shoesday goodness right here:

Photographer: KT Merry

Entertaining: Mid-Century Inspired Hot Chocolate Bar with Jessica Foster Confections

February 04

You all know how much I love Jessica Foster’s truffles (remember this editorial?) and now she’s offering hot chocolate bars for weddings and events. With Valentine’s day around the corner I thought it would be fun to show two different ways you could style a hot chocolate bar. This version, is my “manly” version, lots of brass, decanters and, of course, vintage 60′s glasses. (And yes, there will be cocktail ideas with hot chocolate, check back on Friday for those ideas).

Vintage heart shape plates from Tricia Fountaine, layered with mid-century glassware and of course a few of Jessica’s truffles make for one delicious looking plate.

For this setup, Jessica made a spicy dark hot chocolate and we kept it warm in a copper round chaffing dish from Town & Country Event Rentals.

And of course what hot chocolate bar would be complete without marshmallows? These are made by Jessica and are so light and airy they’re like eating a cloud. Stay tuned for the “lady-like” version of a hot chocolate bar next Monday and of course cocktail ideas this Friday.

Champagne Dreams + Weekend Links

February 01

Its superbowl weekend, and while I may not know who’s playing, that’s not gonna stop me from (kind of) watching the game and enjoying some champagne waaay before happy hour.

A few possibilities, I’m thinking from the archives:


Blood Orange Mimosa

Ginger Sparkler


Pear Potion

And some links for your weekend, plus a bit about some projects I’m working on:

I visited Sunstone Villa this week to refresh my memory (I worked there before on this wedding with Elizabeth Messina) for an upcoming shoot with Flutter Mag & Michael Costa. Can you say Italy in Santa Ynez? Also, our “Escape to” editor, Cynthia is their new social media manager and is LIVING in the villa. Can you imagine? Also, we discovered a secret tower.

I joined Vine, twitter’s new video app. I’m not sure if I like it, but you can follow me (@kellyoshiro) if you’re into cute puppies and some behind the scenes sneak peeks. A great explanation of what Vine is, and how to use it, is here and here.

If you’re into watching bad movies and making fun of them, check out Birdemic. Truly the biggest train wreck of a movie I’ve ever seen.

I’m obsessed with two weddings from Snippet & Ink this week, classic black and white perfection with photos by Jose Villa & A Swedish summer wedding, hello dreamy!

Have a good weekend!

Let’s Shop: Casual Valentine’s Date Night

January 31

As much as I like to get dressed up, I’m a casual girl at heart and I love the idea of a quiet dinner and movie date wearing a casual, but cute, Valentine’s Day ensemble. I’d wear these adorable kelly green heels with hearts on the toe and pair it with slouchy boyfriend jeans and an oversized heart sweater. I’d accessorize with a simple arrow necklace and a few bangles from Kate Spade. What are your Valentine’s Day fashion ensemble plans?

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5 Flower Alternatives to Roses for Valentine’s Day

January 30

With valentine’s day right around the corner, I thought it would be a good idea to give some alternative flower ideas to the tried and true (and super boring) red roses. Personally, I hate red roses (especially when paired with baby’s breathe, barf!) and of course all colors of roses get stupid expensive this time year.

So what are your alternatives? First up, one of my all time favorite flowers, hellebore. Its delicate and feminine and its totally in season. When you get them, put on a pot of water and bring to just under a boil. Snip your hellebore to the desired length and then dip into the hot water. This will give them a much longer vase life. And you can see how to recreate this arrangement right here.

Flowering branches are super pretty, their height is dramatic and they last a long time. If you go this route, find a pretty tall glass vase to display them in. Pull out a hammer (yes, a hammer) and smash the bottom of the stems. This allows for more water uptake. And, it takes a little while to get these guys to open, so plan on picking them up a week in advance.

Lilac with its multiple tiny blooms and fragance is a lovely alternative to red roses. Like with flower branches, lilacs have a woody stem and do well when their stems are smashed with a hammer. More tips for working with lilac can be found right here.

Of course, if you abhor the idea of the waste that is the very nature of cut flowers, how about a succulent in a pretty pot? They’re readily available at your local hardware store or nursery. Tuck in a little note in and wrap with rustic burlap for an easy DIY touch.

And if you’re special someone is a foodie/all natural type, how about a window box planted with their favorite herbs? It would certainly be a pretty (and tasty) present. You can see the full how to here. To purchase flowers go to Fabulous Florals.


January 29

Gotta love a pretty silver shoe, especially when its got such great texture!

More silver patent leather shoesday goodness here:

Photographer: Nancy Ray