Flower Chic: Purple & Red Boutonniere

March 15

I love this simple and sweet boutonniere that matches the bouquet and doggy ring bearer ideas. To make a boutonniere, simply hold a ranunuclus, sweet pea, and clematis leaf between your fingers. Use stretchy green floral tape and wind it around the flowers. Cover with a length of ribbon and pin or hot glue to hold it in place.

Flowers can be purchased here at Fabulous Florals.

Photo: Jess Wilcox


Photographer: Jess Wilcox
Wholesale Flowers: Florabundance

Samara James Engagement Rings*

March 13

Today is all about pretty engagement rings courtesy of Samara James. The company specializes in unique diamond engagement rings and creating custom, bespoke rings (check out their video about the ring making process here).  They will create a design for free and even send a you an actual mock up ring with a cubic zirconia so you can make sure you’re getting the exact ring you envisioned. I’m particularly in love with Ursula, who doesn’t love an emerald cut diamond?

Of course if pave diamonds are more your speed, Cressida, is a great option. And for a more modern bride Mary with its galaxy of diamonds fits the bill. Hope on over to Samara James to browse their full collection, happy engagement ring shopping!

Need some tips on how to “pop the question,” here’s a great list of to do’s!

*Sponsored by Samara James.


March 12

How perfect are these green shoes for St. Patrick’s Day? Want!

More green shoesday ideas:


Photographer: Ellie GIllard

On the Rocks: Coconut-Lime Mojito

March 08

Happy Friday SB Chic readers! The weekend could NOT have come sooner for me, and today we are mixing up one of my all-time-fav concoctions-a mojito! I LOVE coconut, but some of the coconut mojitos I’ve had frankly taste like sunscreen…but this recipe is fresh, light, and absolutely delightful!


1 1/2 shot clear rum

Tiny splash of simple syrup

Lime wedge

Fresh mint leaves

Splash of coconut milk

Lemon-lime soda (aka Sprite)


*Add lime wedge, 7-10 mint leaves, simple syrup, and coconut milk into a glass (note: you can find canned coconut MILK pretty much anywhere–which is different than coconut water). Muddle these ingredients and make sure to extract the oils from the lime rind, and try not to massacre the mint (muddle gently–the last thing you want is mint stuck in your teeth). Add ice, rum, fill with lemon-lime soda, and top with a splash of club soda. Give a good shake and serve on the rocks.

-XOXO Melissa

Photographer: Jess Wilcox
Mixologist: Melissa Traub

Beribboned Doggy Ring Bearer Ideas

March 06

Last week, I featured a bouquet with a two-tone bow, and this week I’m showing how you can use this same idea and put it on your puppy head. Here’s Mira modeling her two-tone bow.

You can also tuck in some flowers. Simply take 3 flowers, use green stretchy floral tape and wrap the stems together (as if you’re making a boutonnière). Pin with a safety pin, attach under your bow, and you’ve got yourself an adorable ensemble for your doggy. More doggy ring bearer ideas right here:

Mira wearing bold ikat

Mira with a red, white and blue scarf

Mira with a lace bow

Photographer: Jess Wilcox


March 05

T-strap suede shoes that are totally wearable post-wedding day? Sign me up! Shoes by Gucci, similar avaliable here.

Photographer: Birds of a Feather

Editorial: The Coast of California

March 04

With all the craziness in our every day lives, its easy to take for granted the natural beauty that surrounds us. Bryce Covey, a photographer from New York, sought to capture the simple beauty of the coast of California: the birds, the sea and the sky… I love the quiet beauty of these images

From Bryce:

“The California Coast is one of my favorite in the world. Most of the time I photograph the setting as a beautiful backdrop to weddings or portraits, but as I was driving down the 101 at sunset one day I pulled over to enjoy it on it’s own. Looking at the coast as the subject, with sand, waves, birds and sky painted with the gorgeous golden light was refreshing. It’s so easy to take for granted the beautiful location we live in, but photographing the coast with a new perspective makes me appreciate it all over again.”

Photographer: Bryce Covey