May 10


I’ve been obsessed with these shoes from a photo shoot produced by Merryl Brown Events and photographed by Elizabeth Messina went live on Green Wedding Shoes. Spectators with the perfect little heel? Yes, please.

Inspiration Board #53: Moody Pink & Lace

March 28


Pink and lace is so feminine a combination, I love the idea off balancing the look with a location that has a bit of a dark and moody side. A forest or a long table setup in a grove of trees would be oh so pretty…

Description: Pink, lace, forest

Photos, from top, left to right: {Row 1} 1. Polly Wreford 2. Melanie Acevado {Row 2} 1. Melanie Acevado 2. Jo Tyler {Row 3} 1. Elizabeth Messina 2. Sandra Lane

Inspiration Board #51: Modern Red & White Stripe

November 08


I love a wedding with a graphic design element and these extra wide red and white stripes are just that. I love the timeless modernism of stripes, plus this color palate just seems so energizing and fun. I picture this wedding taking place at a beach and the ceremony arch would be a take off on this old red and white cabana. The bride would rock some serious red heels and dance the night away.

Description: Red & white stripe, modern, fun, playful

Photos from left to right, top to bottom: {Row 1} 1. Lucas Allen 2. Elizabeth Messina 3. Polly Eltes {Row 2} 1. Polly Eltes 2. Styled by Jane Roarty


June 22


Everything about this photo is pure perfection: the color, the styling and the photography well, pure genius courtesy of Elizabeth Messina! I seriously might need a print of this photo to hang somewhere in my house.

PS Sorry for disappearing yesterday, I’m finalizing details on 3 weddings and its been a little chaotic here. I’m hoping to keep up with the blog these next two weeks, but don’t be surprised if I’m MIA for a few days…

Inspiration Board #49: Springtime Blues & Yellows

May 03


Continuing my obsession with all things spring, I designed this board based on the photo in the lower left corner by Polly Wreford. I love the blue and white pattern dress, the casual bouquet of daffodils, and the blue gingham ribbon. I picture this wedding taking place at a family friend’s home, homemade lemonade would serve as favors, and a yummy lemon granita would add be a tasty palate cleaner in between courses of gourmet comfort foods. Stunning acacia and ranunculus would serve as centerpieces and the couple would make their getaway in an old blue bug.

Description: Blue, yellow, a dash of aqua, slightly 60′s retro vibe

Images, from left to right, top to bottom: {Row 1} 1. Burcu Avsar 2. Leo Patrone 3. Nato Welton 4. Elizabeth Messina {Row 2} 1. Erin Swift 2. Dasha Wright 3. Leslie Shewring via Decor 8 4. Dunston Todd {Row 3} 1. Polly Wreford 2. Open Air Photography 3. Helen Norman


December 29


Loving these asymmetrical snake skin shoes by Omelle! You can check out more of these beauties on Kiss the Groom. Photo by Elizabeth Messina.


September 15


Too adorable! Photo by Elizabeth Messina and shoes by Dior (a superb combination in my opinion).