Gal-entine Day Ideas with Flutter Magazine

February 09

I’m not super to into V-day, but I am down for any excuse to drink champagne and sit at a pretty table. Camille from Camellia Floral Design wanted to create a modern hot pink table mixed with gold and brass accents for a faux Gal-entine’s day brunch for Flutter’s blog.

I pulled organic white ceramic plates from Porch, along with wood, gold, and brass elements to go with the floral containers. While at Porch we found the perfect salt and pepper holder for the table and hexagon mercury glass candle holders that echoed the hex pattern Camille painted on the containers. Camille adhered paint chips to wall behind the table to create a little backdrop and I used the left over paint chips on the table as an runner. Pink juice plus champagne with pomegranate seeds added even more color in the most insane gold dipped glasses. At each setting I floated a gold leaf tray with one sweet pea for a further pop of color.

You can pop over to Flutter for their feature on this table right here and tomorrow, I’ll show you how Camille put together this floral arrangement so you can create it for your best gal-pal Valentine’s day brunch!

Photography: Lacie Hansen

Floral Design & Concept: Camellia Floral Design

Prop Styling & Art Direction: Kelly Oshiro for Flutter Magazine

Tabletop Props: Porch

Napkins: Hudson Grace

Linens: La Tavola

Flowers: Florabundance

On the Rocks: Raspberry-Champs Punch

May 10

TGIF! This luscious libation is a great go-to crowd pleaser. It’s super easy to make in large batches and oh-so-tasty. Enjoy!



Raspberry Liquor

Fresh Lemonade

Pineapple juice

*To make one cocktail, fill glass half way with champagne, add a tiny splash of raspberry liquor and pineapple juice, and fill with lemonade.

-XOXO Melissa

P.S. IF you were wondering, my wedding was INCREDIBLE and so so fun! I can’t wait to share details with you soon!

Photographer: Jess Wilcox
Mixologist: Melissa Traub

Champagne Dreams + Weekend Links

February 01

Its superbowl weekend, and while I may not know who’s playing, that’s not gonna stop me from (kind of) watching the game and enjoying some champagne waaay before happy hour.

A few possibilities, I’m thinking from the archives:


Blood Orange Mimosa

Ginger Sparkler


Pear Potion

And some links for your weekend, plus a bit about some projects I’m working on:

I visited Sunstone Villa this week to refresh my memory (I worked there before on this wedding with Elizabeth Messina) for an upcoming shoot with Flutter Mag & Michael Costa. Can you say Italy in Santa Ynez? Also, our “Escape to” editor, Cynthia is their new social media manager and is LIVING in the villa. Can you imagine? Also, we discovered a secret tower.

I joined Vine, twitter’s new video app. I’m not sure if I like it, but you can follow me (@kellyoshiro) if you’re into cute puppies and some behind the scenes sneak peeks. A great explanation of what Vine is, and how to use it, is here and here.

If you’re into watching bad movies and making fun of them, check out Birdemic. Truly the biggest train wreck of a movie I’ve ever seen.

I’m obsessed with two weddings from Snippet & Ink this week, classic black and white perfection with photos by Jose Villa & A Swedish summer wedding, hello dreamy!

Have a good weekend!

On the Rocks: Champ-sicle

January 11

TGIF Indeed! It seems to me that there are many birthdays during the month of January (my own included) and I’m always trying to think up fun “party drinks”. What better way to drink champagne than to stick an ice-cold Popsicle in it?!

Not only do the popsicles keep the champagne nice and cold, they also melt and infuse the drink with tasty fruity flavor. For this champ-sicle, I used strawberry flavored Popsicles (strawberries + champagne = YUM!) Whether your guest choose to sneak bites of their Popsicle or simply use it as a chilly stirrer, I think I will name this THE birthday cocktail…Enjoy!

*Add your favorite flavored Popsicle into a glass of champagne and voila! Opt for a sugar-free pop and you have a “diet” drink–okay not really, but work with me here! :)


And you can browse all the On the Rocks posts right here.

Photographer: Nancy Neil
Recipe & Mixology: Melissa Traub

On the Rocks: Disco Lemonade

November 02

Happy Friday SB Chic readers! We’re getting wild today with a lil’ concoction I like to call “Disco Lemonade”. With the bright pink addition of X-Rated Vodka,  this lemonade is not only awesomely pink, it is full of passion fruit and citrus flavors that are simply divine. How cute would this be for a bachelorette bash?! Cheers!


1 1/2 shots of X-Rated Liquor

Equal splashes of fresh lemonade and soda


*In a martini shaker, add X-Rated, lemonade, and soda (I use soda to cut the sweetness, but you can substitute with more lemonade if you want it sweeter). Shake well and pour into a cute martini glass. Finish with a champagne float and voila!

-XOXO Melissa

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On the Rocks: Pear Potion

May 11

TGIF! I’m making a game plan because I’m driving down to my beloved hometown (Long Beach) this weekend to celebrate Mother’s Day and my mom’s birthday-don’t worry Mom, I won’t mention what birthday it is…but it is definitely cause for celebration J

St. Germain has become my all-time favorite ingredient to add to cocktails. This elderflower liquor is powerfully delicious in taste and I simply adore its beautiful bottle… You can pretty much add it to anything for a punch of delectable flavor. For this weekend, we will definitely be drinking our fair share of champagne and since this recipe is such a crowd-pleaser, I think it will be what I’ll be mixing up for the fam. Enjoy!


Small splash of St. Germain (a little bit goes a long way)

Splash of pear juice

Fill with chilled Champagne (I prefer Prosecco)




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Photographer: Tim Halberg

One The Rocks: Ginger Sparkler

February 10

It’s been quite a week! I have a lot of reason to celebrate during the next couple of days…I just got engaged during my recent vacation to SF with the beau. Since we’ll be popping bottles left and right with friends and family this weekend, I like to always put a little spin on a glass of yummy champagne. Now, while I would never add fixins to a fine glass of sparkling wine, this cocktail is absolutely delicious when you have an “affordable” (aka cheap) bottle that needs a little umph. Let the celebration begin! Cheers.


~Champagne or sparkling wine (I fancy Prosecco for this particular drink)

~1 thin sliver of peeled, raw ginger

~Raw sugar (to taste)

~Small splash of ginger beer (buy the good stuff…trust me)

*In a flat-surfaced cup or martini shaker, muddle ginger with raw sugar and add a splash of ginger beer. Mix either by swirling glass around or with spoon and poor into a champagne glass. Fill with champagne and enjoy!

-XOXO Melissa

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Photographer: Tim Halberg
Jewelry: 33 Jewels