Entertaining: A Spring Dinner with a DIY Flower Garland

May 06

Today I’m featuring a tabletop that was recently published in Santa Barbara Magazine and Style Me Pretty Living. It was a collaboration with the always amazing Nancy Neil and super chef Ayda Robana of Om Sweet Mama.

We set a simple table; with a god’s eye patter runner from Heather Taylor Home and china and flatware from Botanik.

Simple salads, like the panzanella with Haricort Verts featured farm fresh ingredients (recipe for the salad is here).

Instead of traditional flower centerpiece, I opted to make a flower garlad to keep the vibe relaxed but still very pretty. To make the garland you will need:

2 bunches of bay (depends on length of table)

2 bunches clematis

1 bunch hot pink ranunuculus

1 bunch wax flower

Begin by simple laying the piece of bay leaves end to end. I created a zigzag effect here so you could see the pattern of the linen. Then I simply took the blooms of clematis, ranunuclus, and wax flower and tucked it into the bay. You can wire all these pieces together but its not necessary. And that’s pretty much it! You can see more of this table right here and here.

PS I apologize for my blogging absence. A lot if going in my personal life and I will blog about it once things are more settled. For now, posting will remain on the lighter side. Thanks for hopefully sticking around here and enjoying some pretty :) .

Flower Chic: Berry-licious Centerpiece Idea

March 20

I love mixing seasonal produce in floral arrangements, here blackberries on the branch add texture to this pink, purple and red arrangement.

I used a mix of clematis, hyacinth, ranunculus, anenomes, sweet pea, hellebore, and blackberries to create this wild and organic look. To re-create this look:

Start with a low bowl, using clear floral tape, tape a grid across the top of the bowl. Go around the rim of the bowl with another piece of tape to secure your grid to the bowl. Begin placing the berries to create your base shape. Follow up with placing: hyacinth, hellebore, sweet pea, anenome and clematis. You will need approximately a half bunch per flower type. Happy arranging!

Flowers for the general public can be purchased here at Fabulous Florals.

Flower Chic: Purple, Red, & Pink, Spring Bouquet

February 27

I love unexpected color combos and this spring bouquet, with its mix of purple, red, and pink, definitely fits the bill. I wanted the colors of this bouquet to almost be a transition between the holiday colors of Valentine’s Day & Easter…

I layered two ribbons, a gauzy purple/red ribbon over soft lavender.

Deep red ranunculus were contrasted against dark purple sweet pea.

To create this bouquet you need:

-1 bunch purple clematis

-1 bunch purple hellebore

-1 bunch red ranunculus

-I bunch pink anenomes

-1 bunch dark purple sweet pea

Begin by placing 3 flowers in your hand and then adding more flowers, going around the bouqet to maintain a round shape. Finish by winding stretchy floral tape around your stems to keep them together. Then wrap lavender ribbon to cover the tape, and pin with a pearl headed pin to hold the ribbon in place. Then cut two lengths of ribbon, lavender and purple/red, and wrap around the bouquet and tie into a bow. And now you have a perfect spring bouquet!

To see more bouquet arrangement tips & ideas click here. To purchase flowers go to Fabulous Florals.

Photography: Jess Wilcox

Flower Chic: Clematis Bouquet

June 13

unique wedding bouquets

I’m a big fan of clematis and for this week’s flower chic, I’m using it to make a simple and wild bouquet. To make the bouquet, start with a base of mint and then layer the vines of clematis on top until you get a nice cascading shape. You will need 1 bunch of mint and 3 bunches of clematis, floral tape and floral shearers. Once you’ve gotten a shape you like, wrap the stems with floral tape and then finish it with ribbon (I used a copper velvet ribbon here). The fragrance of the mint plus these beautiful blooms make this one easy (and unforgettable) bouquet. And to see all Flower Chic posts click right here. Enjoy!

Flower Chic: A Clematis Headdress

May 01

I’m  so excited to introduce a new column, floral chic with photographer Nancy Neil. Today, I’m going to show you how to make a floral head wreath using gorgeous clematis. You will need: 6-7 stems of clematis, 20 gauge floral wire and pliers.

Start by measuring the circumfrence of your head and twist two pieces of the wire together to make a circle. Take your first piece of clematis and a small piece of wire (about 2″). Using your pliers, wrap the small piece of wire near the head of the flower to secure it to your circle. Since clematis is a vine, you can take the stem and wind it around the circle to cover your wire base. Secure with additional 2″ pieces of wire where you need to.

If you’re making this ahead of time, you can put the stems in floral water tubes to keep the flowers hydrated. Once you’re ready to wear, take the stems out the tubes and clip any extra stem length off. Next week, I’ll be making a coloful bouquet to match our headdress.